UnoGest consists of PROGESTERONE, a natural hormone that is available in human body. Progesterone is an important hormone that is involved in the pregnancy, embryogenesis and menstrual cycle.

It belongs to a group of steroid hormones called the progestogens.

Progesterone Structure


UnoGest is a specially formulated medication known as a pessary that is to be used inside the vagina. A pessary formulation of a medicine is very effective in many conditions especially during the delivery of the drug that is easily absorbed through skin or tissues inside the vagina, thus by-passing an inefficient and unhealthy process known as first-pass metabolism that occurs when medication is taken orally.

UnoGest's special and unique formulation enables the medication to be stored at room temperature unlike some other pessary formulations of progesterone which require refrigeration at all times.



UnoGest is supplied in a single use pre-loaded applicator which can be used to easily insert the pessary inside the vagina without the messy procedure involving hand insertion.

The pessary insertion device applicator is specially designed to safely and correctly locate the pessary inside the vagina for effective absorption of the natural progesterone hormone.

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