Device Schematic 1 UnoGest is provided as a pre-loaded pessary insertion device applicator for ease of use and effective placement of the medicament within the vagina.

This unique applicator incorporates the medication on the top (white pessary tablet) and a plunger at the bottom, with No-Slip grooves that help hold the device securely.

Device Schematic 1 Tear open the pouch and pull out the applicator by holding it between middle finger and thumb over the No-Slip grooves.
Device Schematic 2 Lying down or squatting can help insering the applicator easier. The white end (medicament) should be touching the vagina.
Device Schematic 3 Push the applicator inside in upward direction all the way in.
Device Schematic 4 Press the plunger to push it inside the applicator. This will dislodge the pessary at the other end of the applicator and place it inside the vagina.
Device Schematic 5 Gently remove the applicator and dispose it off along with the empty pouch.

IMPORTANT:Please check the insert available inside the carton of UnoGest for more information on using UnoGest, contrainidications, side effects, storage etc. Please consult your doctor before using this medication.

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